Modern Threaths

The Star Inn was originally built as a farm dwelling. It was built a really long time ago, as early as 1471. In the old days people had many kind of dangers in their lives. Different kind of epidemic diseases such as malaria and black death were common and because the modern medicine was yet to be founded, even most common illnesses might’ve been fatal. Poor living conditions ensured that the diseases spread quickly throughout the population. The poor – as in the vast majority of population- also depended heavily on the success of the harvest. Hunger was not uncommon, especially if fields suffered for example from a frost or the crop didn’t succeed for some other reason. The

Nowadays the threats to our lives are still partly the same. Most of the diseases are curable though and there are luckily several treatments and medicines to almost all of them, with even more developed each day. Hunger is not a common phenomenon in the Western World either: we live in a plentiful world.

However, there are also new threats to our wellbeing, which are of such nature that our ancestors couldn’t even have imagined them back in their days. One very important thing is the security considering our computers: something that we may take self-evident, before its too late. Breaches in IT may cause major, even irreplaceable, harm to your organization.

To increase your technological security is not difficult. has all your IT-needs covered: the Vulnerability Management Platform provides it all. They scan your IT-systems as well as web applications and also provide risk assessment for you to investigate how persistent your IT environment is against social engineering. They also monitor email blacklists and databases with hacked websites so that you will be informed before they can harm your business.