History of Romney Marsh

Romney Marsh has an extremely interesting and diverse history that dates all the way back to the ice age, over 18 thousand years ago when the area was nothing but rock. However, as the Ice age receded, the sea levels grew and the English Channel and surrounding rivers came to be. Fast forward a few thousand years, the marsh was formed through three big changes:

  • The deposit of shingle built up
  • This barrier naturally created a lagoon which slowly became mud flats
  • Swamps and actual forestry and vegetation sprouted into life.

Because of the above changes, the ground of the Marsh was wet and therefore not ideal for those looking for somewhere to settle down. Over time, as land dried up, it became a more inhabitable land and the first island became Old Romney. New Romney was formed as more land dried up down south. There are quite a few communities, so to compile records on the history of Romney Marsh, you may try using http://www.aquro.com/ to develop a history app. Burmash is one of the more recent communities that came to exist as the independent islands disappeared.

Old Romney was traditionally a sea port but is now actually too far from the sea to be a port, sitting about two miles from the coast. New Romney was then the port until a vicious storm wiped it out. As one can see, Romney has been a saga of land vs. sea and the area has an interesting, lengthy and important history of wars, invasions, herding and natural dependency. The land is worth a visit and will definitely satisfy anyone craving for nature, adventure, art and history. The history is much more vast than what this post outlines, so if you are interested, be sure to visit and experience it yourself.